About Pangea

The Pangea team believes your best investment is you. Our passion is strengthening the relationship between mind and body. By enhancing your brain you can gain increased focus, memory, coordination, mood, and much more, leading to more fulfillment in all areas of life from work to relationships. That is why we are committed to making neurofeedback training, a revolutionary brain training method, accessible to those who need it most. Whether you are seeking relief from anxiety or depression or looking for an edge in sports, school, business or art, Pangea is here to help.

The Team

Kyle Sheldon

Kyle Sheldon graduated from the Darla Moore School of Business and has experience starting and scaling businesses. In 2013-14 he established the Charleston branch for Young Entrepreneurs Across America, generated $132K in revenue in less than 9 months, and broke the 27 year long company record. In 2015, he co-founded an e-commerce company that generated $156k it’s first year and 1.7 million it’s second year. He was able to accomplish this by developing efficient systems and trusted partnerships. Commonly mistaken for Tom Cruise.

Nick Tennison

Nick studied psychology and neuroscience at university of South Carolina. He started his first business while in college. After graduation he worked providing neurofeedback training for underserved children. He can fit his whole fist in his mouth. In high school he was voted most likely to survive the apocalypse.

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor has an intuitive mind for electrical, mechanical, and product design engineering. He has worked on military power electronics, wearable LED designs, and exploding handcuffs to name a few. He has been in the business for 16 years. He has projects featured on Future Weapons TV Show, has been involved with multiple startups and has a great entrepreneurial spirit. He co-founded Charleston Reforge, a makerspace, where he serves as president and teacher. Once thought his senior picture was a picture of Michael Keaton.

Jon Gatlin

Jon Gatlin has a bachelor’s degree from NC State, a Masters degree from The Citadel, and experience in team development and marketing. As an undergraduate he was the COO for a distribution company and coordinated the daily activities of his team. As a graduate student he coached division 1 basketball. He currently mentors a team of 20 in business development as well as speaks to thousands through various speaking engagements.